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Passing On – A Journey, Not A Dead End.

Jacobs Ladder by WilliamBlake

Having seen spirit as a child I always knew that you didn’t stop “being” when you died. It wasn’t the end of you, you continued to exist but beyond the vibrational limits our earthly eyes were able to perceive. Unfortunately this knowlege was of little comfort to me  when I began to experience the death of those I loved. By the time I left High School I had “lost” my mother,my father, a much loved uncle and a few very close friends. In my head and also my heart I knew they had gone on to a better place. I had already seen many people die. Death wasn’t hidden away in those days, it was seen as part of everyday life. Birth, marriage, death and everything else in life took place in the community or rather the extended family of the neighbourhood in which you lived. Everything was shared, the good times and the bad and everyone was supported.  M,ost people died at home where they were then laid out by the neighbours, usually in the front room, and  everyone came to see them off. Although I had no fear of death  I still longed for their physical presence, to see them again and feel their embrace, so when I came across this poem simply called “Passing On”, it gave me great comfort. I would love to know who wrote it but no author was given. Please if anyone knows the author I would love to hear from you. There are many beautiful poems on death and dying that seek to give comfort to those left behind and quite a few have built on this idea of death being a journey. It is an idea I lovingly accept, although I do feel that for most of us it isn’t a journey to a destination where we stay “forever more”, instead it is a journey to a different energy plain where we continue to grow, learn and “rest up” before we come back to earth to demonstrate that we have matured spiritually.

There is so much fear and confusion around death and the process of dying, I witness it often as I visit the palliative care unit where I am a volunteer. It is so sad that at such a special time old half truths worry and plague so many. It is always a priviledge to share in this special time, I have learnt so much while listening as people share their life stories, experiences and wisdom and it is always especially  beautiful to witness the passing over of those who have faith that their journey is beginning not ending.














If you think this may bring comfort to someone you know please pass it on, even if it doesn’t help it may open up a conversation that will allow them to share their feeling. Sharing with someone who we know cares is always a great help on any journey through grief. Praying that any of you who are on this journey, at this point in time, will find yourself surrounded by peace and love.

 God bless you.

Chakras In Healing and Spiritual Development.

chakra pic 1

The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit, meaning “wheel” or “disk”. The origins of the traditional sevenfold chakra system are buried deep within the roots of Hindu culture.The earliest mention of the term “chakra” is said to come from the Vedas, the four holy books of the Hindus but many believe that the term pre-dates this and goes back to the ancient practices of the mystics and yogis who orally passed down practices that balanced the physical, mental,emotional and spiritual layers of energy in order to bring about well being and balance.

Chakras can be best understood if we liken them to valves that open and close to enable us to access aand balance the “electrical current” or “the Universal Life Force” we need to keep functioning. Chakra healing is based on the belief that in order for total well-being to take place we must act as an integrated whole with all the layers or levels of energy that make up the whole being in balance. Blockages that occur in this flow of life giving energy create imbalance and dysfunction and need to be removed because a blockage or dysfunction in one part of the system has an impact on all the other parts.These dysfunctions can happen whenever the energy flowing through the chakras is either excessive or deficient.

The chakra system is traditionally based on their being seven major points of connection between the physical body and the “vibrational” or “energy” body. The chakras line up along the spinal cord and coincide approximately with the positions of the glands in the endocrine system.They are seen as spinning wheels of energy, each of a different colour. The colour associated with them relates to the vibrational level of the colour.

The chakra system, as well as being a system used for healing, is also recognised as  a system for spiritual evolution or enlightenment. When using it for this purpose,the subtle energies of the various chakras are explored through meditation and yoga to help with personal and spiritual development.

In the Indian tradition, the centres are referred to as lotuses,the belief being that like the flower we are rooted in the mud and depths but ultimately we blossom under the light of the sun. The chakras when explored in this way are aligned to our differing levels of intuitive perception. The Base Chakra is aligned with the material level. The Sacral Chakra is aligned with the emotional level. The Solar Plexus is aligned with the emotional level. The Heart Chakra as you would expect is aligned with love, loving awareness and balance. The Throat Chakra governs communication and  in my experience  it is the centre psychics wishing to develop their channelling abilities focus on. The Third Eye Chakra is the level of the higher mind and is associated with psychic vision. The Crown Chakra is the level of alignment with spirituality and alignment to The Source, God, Divinity by the name you use.

When dealing with the chakras in relation to healing there are still more levels of meanings to be explored.

The 1st chakra commonly known as the Root Chakra (Muladhara in Hindi) sits at the base of the spine and is said to connect metaphysically to the Adrenals. These two small triangular glands sit atop of the kidneys and secrete a variety of hormones that regulate among other things the body’s metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and the ones that control the balance of salt in our body fluids. These functions see it also associated with the bones and skeletal structure of our physical body. These glands also produce adrenalin, the hormone essential for our “fight or flight” response. This is why this chakra has beeen so closely associated with our link to physical surviva land safety. The Root Chakra is associated with the colour red and our sense of smell.

The 2nd chakra commonly known as the Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana in Hindi) sits about two finger widths below our navel. It connects energetically to the male and female reproductive organs ie the testes and ovaries. The Sacral Chakra govens our relationship with our own sexuality and issues concerning our emotional balance. It is also associated with the health of the bladder, prostrate and womb. It is seen as the colour orange and is linked to our sense of taste.

The 3rd chakra commonly known as the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura in Hindi) sits between the navel and the base of the sternum. It connects energetically to the pancreas and looks after the well-being of the digestive system and also our muscles. The colour associated with this chakra is yellow and the associated sense is sight. Interestingly we often use the term “gut instinct”  when describing feeling giving greater insight.

The 4th chakra commonly known as the Heart Chakra (Anahata in Hindi) is located in the centre of the chest. It is metaphysically connected to the Thymus gland and is associated with the heart, chest,lungs and the bodies circulatory system. It also has associations with the sense of touch.

The 5th chakra commonly known as the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha in Hindi) is located centrally at the base of the neck. It is metaphysically connected to the Thyroid and Parathyroid and deals with the mouth, throat and ears. It has associations with the colour blue and with the vibrations for sound and hearing and the development of claireaudience.

The 6th chakra commonly known as the Third Eye Chakra ( Ajna in Hindi) sits just above  and between the eyebrows. It is metaphysically connected to the Pituitary gland and governs only not  the eyes but also gives a window of vision beyond ordinary sight, it enhances clairvoyance, enabling mediums the ability to see the past, present and future. It is associated with the colour of indigo.

The 7th chakra commonly known as the Crown Chakra ( Sahasrara in Hindi) sits at the top of the head. It is metaphysically connected to the Pineal gland and governs the upper skull, cerebal cortex and skin .By  expanding your Crown Chakra you are able to tap into the deepest sources of spiritual wisdom.  It is associated with the colour violet.

There is so much more fascinating information available on Chakras both on the web and in printed literature, if you found this site which is so new, you must be on a wonderful journey. Enjoy! I will dedicate further posts to this subject as I feel it is such an important topic for anyone interested in spiritual development and healing.  I  believe that if we all share our fragments of knowledge they will add to and enrich our  greater wisdom. I hope you are sharing too and look forward to reading more posts from others on a similar journey.

The Healing-Curing Dichotomy.

hands of light

Many people use the words “healing” and “curing” interchangeably, yet they don’t necessarily mean the same thing. This leads to a great deal of confusion and unfortunately has also lead to people dismissing the powers of healing practices. Perhaps I can best clarify the differences between the two by giving an example. A few years ago a very dear friend developed gangrene in his foot. He was sent to a specialist who admitted him to hospital for treatment. When the treatment didn’t work the doctor said the only “cure” was to amputate the foot. My friend was horrified and said no way was this happening. The pain he was in was excruciating but he was prepared to endure it and even to die rather than lose his ability to walk. Taking off his foot would have “cured” or eradicated the disease but left him on a mental, emotional and perhaps also a spiritual level greatly damaged. I say maybe on a spiritual level because this man had a beautiful, loving and trusting relationship with God, he never blamed him for any of the many difficulties of his life but I’m sure we can all call to mind people who through adversity have become bitter and unforgiving of others and even of thenselves. The doctor knowing my friend to be a determined old farmer who said little and meant what he said performed another operation which restored better circulation to the foot and resulted in my friend eventually losing two toes instead of his foot and allowing him to return to farming his land. It took longer, cost him a great deal of extra pain and kept him in hospital longer but he was a whole person needing treatment, not just a diseased physical body and fortunately today more doctors are realising the importance of dealing with the whole patient. Unfortunately sometimes there is no other solution than amputation if a physical life is to be saved so it is really important to realise that when this takes place “healing” is needed on more levels than just the physical.

While “curing” a patient means to completely eradicate the illness or disease, “healing” can occur on many different levels and may or may not result in the person “living” in a physical sense. A very wise older gentleman who was conducting an Order of St Luke healing service once said “We all know that death is the final healing”, my mind at the time totally rebelled, it was not what I wanted and I couldn’t accept this as healing. If you were “healed you didn’t die or so I thought. He was right I was wrong, the person I was praying for “was healed”  but on a spiritual level which allowed them to pass peacefully into the spirit world.

I have come, over time, to realise that “healing” can manifest on any one or more of the various energy levels that make up the “whole person”.

A person can be healed on the physical level: This may mean the disease or illness is completely eradicated (or cured) totally. It may also mean simply that a person is physically well and symptom free for a period of time, perhaps years, before the disease returns in some form or it may mean that the symptoms, such as pain, are alleviated either for good (as in the case of another friend who passed with breast cancer) or for a time. So we can see that even on a purely physical level healing can take many forms.

A person can be healed on the emotional level: This could allow them to become calm, emotionally stronger,more positive in their outlook and unafraid. It can lead to them accepting the illness and moving on to enjoying the quality of life they have (however limited) and making the best of it. I’m sure we can all bring to mind people we have met or heard of who despite physical disabilities, mental or emotional problems or illness have reached out and helped others while rising above their own particular circumstances.One who comes instantly to mind for me is Christopher Reeves who before becoming a quadriplegic played the film role of Superman and after his accident showed amazing strength and determination to help others.

A person can be healed on the mental level: This could enable them to think differently about their illness or disease. Sometimes this can provide an understanding of the caustive issues such as stress, lifestyle etc and help lead to changes that facilitate healing on other levels.

A person can be healed on the spiritual level: This for me is the most important level of all. I work as volunteer in the palliative care ward of a local hospital and so often see people struggle on this level. Healing on this level can enable them and all of us as we approach our inevitable death to develop a more loving and forgiving relationship with others in our lives or even with ourselves. This can so often lead to a peaceful transition into death that can be as beautiful to watch as I’m sure it is to experience.

While healing can take place on each of these levels separately it is important to remember that all the levels interconnect and that what happens on one level affects the others. Those who have seen auras will be aware that the energy of each level merges into that of the next and there is no seperation between them.

There are many other more detailed writings on these different levels. One book I would highly recommend is “HANDS OF LIGHT, A Guide to Healing Through the Human Eneregy Field.” By Barbara Ann Brennan.(pub. by Bantam Books) . This book is a must read for anyone exploring or studying healing.  It has been aound for many years. I first came across it in the 1980s and its information and teachings are timeless and invaluable.  In finishing I would ask just one thing of you before you continue on your journey Please remember “healing” and “curing” are not always the same, so don’t place expectations on the outcomes, just trust that a higher power who created us knows best what we really need and is guiding the healing process in our earthly life.

May you find what you truely seek.


Crystals An Aide For Your Spiritual Journey

mauve blue crystal

The beauty of crystals is breathtaking and uplifting, but crystals can do more for your energy than you may realize. Everything in this world (and the next), is made up of energy. Remember back in high school the teacher drawing three boxes on the blackboard? (showing my age here!). The first box had circles, closely touching, no room to move, this represented solid matter- wood, plastic, pencils, bricks etc. It also represented ice, the frozen state of water. The next box drawn had fewer circles drawn in it; the “particles” were able to move around each other. This was the representation of the liquid state. Water flowed because the particles were further apart and could move. The last box had only a few free floating particles and represented gas. Gas could be invisible and the particles having more energy, floated. It was less dense. The gas in the experiment that followed was air.  You then took an ice cube (solid), added heat energy, turned it to water (liquid), added more heat energy and made air (gas). It was all so simple and remains true.

Everything is made up of energy in various states including ourselves. We appear as a solid to the eye but we all know that like plants and other living things we are surrounded by an energy field that spreads beyond our visible self (our aura). The energy in our aura vibrates at a much higher frequency than that of our visible (solid) body. We are unable to see this high frequency energy (just as we are unable to see electricity) but it is there and we can certainly feel its effects.

We find crystals in a solid state where like us they give off energy which cannot be seen by the naked eye but which can be felt in the environment surrounding them. The energy given off constantly is able to interact with our energy and subtly change us.

One of their most beautiful and treasured features is their colour. When we see their colour what we are actually seeing is the wavelengths of light that are reflected rather than absorbed by the object. Clear crystals such as clear quartz take in and reflect out light without changing it. Other crystals, such as peridot, are nearly always the same colour because they have certain light absorbing particles (atoms) that are essential to their structure. Yet other crystals, such as amethyst, can come in a range of different colours and shades because they can have varying quantities of light-absorbing impurities built into their basic structure.

Science proved long ago that colour can and does affect peoples moods. We may smile but when you think how advertising people use it you realize it has many potentials. Pink walls in restaurants to make you eat more, dull olive green on the new cigarette packs to make them less attractive and turn you off smoking etc) At least we know crystals will not have their own agenda and if we are drawn to the certain wavelength of light being given off by a crystal it will be beneficial to us.

Some crystals are noted for their healing qualities. Amethyst is often recommended as it is associated with inner peace. It is believed that as it opens your connection between your spirit and the divine it helps to change negative energy into positive energy. If you are drawn to a particular crystal it may be that your body is sending a subtle message that it needs that energy, just as it is doing when we crave certain foods.  Other crystals have traditionally been linked with other positive qualities and I have listed some of them at the end of this piece to allow you to explore for yourself the benefits, beyond their beauty, that they may hold for you. Some are traditionally associated with spiritual development, but again I stress what you are drawn to is usually what is best to fulfill your specific needs. We are all different!

Enjoy your journey!

The Teachings of Silver Birch.

Buddhist temple at The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, while photographer Isres Chorphaka was visiting.

Buddhist temple at The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, while photographer Isres Chorphaka was visiting.

In the forward of “Teachings of Silver Birch” Hannen Swaffer, the medium who channeled Silver Birch wrote in 1938:-

“Silver Birch as we call him is not a Red Indian.

Who he is, we do not know. We assume that he uses the name of the spirit through whose astral body he expresses himself, it being impossible for the high vibration of the spiritual realm to which he belongs to manifest except through some other instrument.

He is the spirit guide of what is known as “Hannen Swaffer’s Home Circle”

Hannen Swaffer goes on to tell how once Silver Birch accidently nearly revealed his true identity but pulled himself up just in time.  So we have no idea as to his true identity. What we do know is that the teachings he gave provide a guide to life that many have found enlightening, thought provoking and beautiful in there simplicity.

At first I had planned to simply put a link here to another site so you could read his teachings there, but when I looked I found the teachings said to be his on some sites had been changed. I assume this happened in trying to condense and update the language, but instead the meaning has been interpreted and sometimes changed. This is what often happens and what I feel has happened with the bible. A simple, beautiful message is lost and becomes something used to promote some other persons or groups beliefs. On one site his teachings had been listed in point form, a list of commandments he supposedly gave to live by.

Personally I found this sad, so I decided that as the book is no longer in print I will share the teachings of Silver Birch as written by Hannen Swaffer here. There will be no deliberate changes made to the language or message. I will not be able to copy the whole book and I hope that in selecting my extracts I am guided to be true to the original. This will be a huge task and will be done over time. (A long time, I am a two finger typist!) But hopefully you will bear with me. I will also try to find other sites that keep to the spirit of his teachings and put links in. Please don’t think that a site not being linked to mine means it is one I don’t approve of as there are many sites, all of which took great effort and a spiritual passion to create and I will never find the time to search through them all.  Some sites condense his answers to the questions asked of him in the circle and these can be helpful, however to fully get the beauty of his teachings, you really need to try to find the original texts. Just as in the bible the words resonate differently with each reader in order to speak to their particular personality and need..

I am posting Silver Birchs’ teachings because they have so much relevance to our lives, spiritual development and the world today Hopefully people will read them who otherwise may never have come across them and use them to make this world a more loving compassionate world. We do need to remember when reading them that the teachings were given long ago to a different generation, one living in very different times and circumstances to those of today. When we try applying these teachings to our own circumstances we need to do so thoughtfully and with awareness that a teacher/prophet/guide speaking to people today would  tailor his message knowing he was addressing  a culture of vastly different experiences and social beliefs.

In the Editor’s Note at the beginning of the book the editor writes:-

“These teachings from Silver Birch- he insists that he is not the author, but the messenger through whom they are relayed from higher sources- are not put forward as the infallible utterances of a being possessed of all wisdom. It is not the object of spirit intercourse that we should denude ourselves of the critical faculty and accept blindly the words of another, whether in this world or the next. Nor is it the desire to create a new Orthodoxy, for revelation is progressive and is dependent on our capacity to receive it.

The appeal of Silver Birch is to Reason, and if anything he says is not acceptable to the reader’s reason then it should be rejected or at least left as an open question pending further evidence.”

You may now see why I was horrified to see the teachings reduced on one web site to a black and white set of rules to live by.

Silver Birch’s Own Story

Here, Silver Birch tells in his own words of the long struggle he had before he was able to transmit his message:

“When I was asked, many years ago, whether I would return to the world of matter and find on earth a band who would work with me to deliver the message of the spirit, I said I would, as did many others, and my task was given me.

I was told that I would have to search and find an instrument and so attach myself to this instrument that I would be able to express through him the message I was charged to deliver. So I searched our records and found my medium.

I watched from the time he was conceived, and from the moment that the spirit began to express itself- albeit as a little flicker- I brought my influence to bear and started there and then the association which has lasted all these years.

I helped to mould the spirit and the tiny little mind and throughout every phase of that life I watched his every experience, learned how to get a close association and I accustomed myself throughout the days of boyhood to all the mental processes, to all the physical habits. I studied my instrument from every aspect – mind, spirit and physical body.

And then I had to guide his footsteps towards an understanding of these spirit truths. First, I guided him to make a study of the many religions in your world of matter, until his mind revolted and he began to be what your world calls an Atheist. And when that had played its part in the mental unfoldment, (word in text) he was ready for me to begin my task of speaking through his lips.

I guided him to his first meeting. I helped to bring him to his first circle. And there, in the power provided, I made my first contact- so crude, so trivial, but from my point of view so important – and I uttered my first expression in the world of matter through another’s organism.

From that day I learned how to obtain better and better control, until now you see the result. We have achieved so much that I can register the totality of my ideas and eliminate for all purposes what is in the medium’s own personality.

Now I would like to tell you something about my mission. They said to me: “You will have to go into the world of matter and, when you have found your instrument, you will have to bring to him sympathetic souls who will aid you to deliver your message.” I searched and found you all and brought you together.

But the greatest difficulty I had to face was that I had to make a choice whether I would return to provide those proofs that your world must have to satisfy itself – material proofs, I mean, not spiritual ones, for your world does not understand those – or whether I would return as a teacher and teach and teach truth. I chose the harder.

I said that, after all those long years, with all the manifold experiences I had had in the realms of spirit, I would return and try to appeal with love to those whom I would strive to teach. I would appeal to reason. I would appeal to the judgment of mature, evolved and what you call educated minds. I would reveal the message of the spirit in all its simplicity.”

Hoping to write more soon.



Sometimes you have to think outside the square

Cows in Queensland floods

Photo from State Emergency Service Queensland’s Facebook page

No words are needed for this picture but it provokes so many thoughts that I find it’s impossible not to write about it. How did the cows get there? Swim?

Well… maybe some farmer who loved his cows rounded them up and used great ingenuity to get them up to this his only high dry and safe place.

Having said that a peek inside the house could also prove interesting!

Farmers have had it really tough of late not just with the floods but also with the fires. We so often forget the plight of all animals when disaster strikes. Reporting is all about people (naturally) and infrastructure but the animals are pretty much forgotten.

I still can’t get out of my mind the picture of a farmer who after the recent fires was on TV pleading with the insurance companies to let him put his burnt animals out of their suffering before the assessor came to view them. Anyone who has any experience with burns would have been cringing as he said “they are cooked meat walking”. If he put them down the insurance company wouldn’t pay him. It could be days before the assessor could get to see his animals. Yes, it is easy for us to say put them down anyway but he had lost fences, sheds, feed and who knows what equipment, not an old man he probably had family to support and how do you have any hope of starting again without the insurance money. My heart went out to him, he wasn’t like us miles away looking at a picture he was standing there, with the smell of burnt flesh and pitiful bleating, fighting back his tears

Farmers have done it more than tough and not just lately. Enquires into stand over tactics used by big supermarket chains are about to begin. Finally after years of suffering those who have been driven to the wall have started speaking out. Times are tough for many, although certainly not all, (there are some obvious exceptions) but for farmers, of all kinds, they have been the toughest of all and I for one won’t be bad mouthing them and blaming them for the price rises these disasters bring, in fact I will be shopping at the shops that aren’t spending mega bucks on advertising to brag to us that they are squeezing the last drops of blood out of farmers to keep prices “down, down and staying down!”

When Australia as a country can no longer feed her people, when the spirit of her farmers has been broken and the last of them has given up and gone we will miss them.

It has been said before it isn’t until the last tree is … trees, koalas, whales, farmers, clean water uncontaminated by mining all going, going soon maybe gone… I wonder if the last greedy human will be missed as much. I think not. For now it is heart warming to see this picture and reassuring to see that at least a few are strong and clever enough to survive the disasters rained upon them by both man and nature. The words of a song drift into my mind “Each day when I wake up, before I put on my make up, I say a little prayer for you…” The Buddhists have a wonderful prayer that says…

May all sentient beings have happiness and the cause of happiness.

May all sentient beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

May all sentient beings not be separated from the bliss that is free of suffering.

May all sentient beings live in equanimity, free from attachment and hatred, towards those near and far.

(The Four Immeasurable Prayers.)

A New Kindergarten -LET’S GO DO IT!


Nearly twenty years ago a new kindergarten was starting and as usual the parents were as scared if not more so than the kids. Little did I know that this class was to be one of my most memorable. Among the parents on that first day were two  mums. When as I always did I asked for Parent helpers for the class, they put their hands up and so my life was changed in the most beautiful way. They became the closest of friends and quietly at first, set out to do anything and everything to support the children (and me). Shy at first, they supported each other in new challenges like making and decorating pretty pink piklets, in the classroom, for the whole class with all the children “helping”. If you have a child and cook with them you will be smiling by now. We all had such fun that cooking classes started, weekly. Every week the children learnt a new sound and then made edible treat starting with the sound. The classroom was old, only a sink for the children to was their hands in but for a whole term they brought in ingredients, utensils, electric frying pans and everything else needed. Of course the children loved it, which was why they did it. They also joined the canteen volunteers and all the other groups that work to make school a better, more enjoyable place. Their confidence grew! Gillian would say “Lets…”. Sandra would say” I can’t do that I don’t know how!” Gillian would reply “Well, you said you couldn’t cook and you managed that. If you can do that you can do anything!”  Then they set off together on a new learning adventure.Their top effort must have been holding Christmas BBQ parties that were so good all the other teachers begged for them to do theirs too. So they did. Along the way they started running the school canteen, doing school banking (for a school of over 700 kids), made costumes, helped another wonderful mum Yvonne start the class sewing lessons where every child hand stitched a design onto a Christmas card, and on and on it went. Their friendship grew stronger every day both in and out of school. It survived and thrived through both the good times and the few rough patches that every life throws up. They now both work together, Still helping others, but now as nurses in an aged care facility. Their motto “WE CAN DO THAT AND MAKE IT FUN!”

Driving past school today and hearing the children voices ringing out, I wondered what challenging new learning adventures, beautiful, supportive, nurturing friendships were being formed by the new parents. May you meet a precious new friend to share your journey with, as we did.School isn’t just a place for the kids to learn, get involved, enjoy!

With many thanks to  Gillian, Sandra and Yvonne for  your friendship. Love you girls.

Wise Women Who Stand Out From The Crowd.

P1120645As I was reviewing  my spiritual journey for this blog my mind went to thinking about one of the wisest women I have ever met, a  dear friend who is now one of my most reliable and much loved guides.
Carrie Ann St Clair was an international medium who taught development classes, did spiritual healing, gave lectures, had her own church at Tweed Heads, carried out exorcisms and LOVED ALL THINGS PINK!

It was Carrie who finally gave me the push ( a big one) to become a medium. My first and last public readings took place at her church. Our friendship was born out of the colour pink(the colour of love). She had a large hot pink swirl of it on the side of her car, on my commenting on it one Sunday after church she said “My teacher loved pink and so do I” I said “Your teacher must have been Mrs Begg!” Carrie gasped. I had known Mrs Begg from childhood, she always wore long, floating evening dresses and they were always, you guessed it PINK. Not a wishy washy pink, a vibrant hot pink. When my grandmother and I visited her home in Darlinghurst, Sydney even her kitchen was painted hot pink. A wonderful medium who was not only gifted but also very wise, she had to be. In the early 1950s the Spiritual Church was viewed with even greater suspision than it is today. Policemen in plain clothes often attended in the hope of laying fraud charges and yes there was as now some fakes but they were quickly exposed. Real psychics are easy to recognise from the detail of the messages they give, they go way beyond the banal generalities used by fakes and it is hard to imagine how anyone can be fooled. Both Carrie Ann and Mrs Begg were old style clairvoyants who took to the platform out of a calling to serve their fellow man. Both had churches that upheld the “Seven Principles of Spiritualism”. Neither became rich or famous, although Carrie Ann did work (unpaid) for Scotland Yard, as well as for the police here and in New Zealand, she even went to America and had her psychic skills tested to obtain her M.D.P.P.M.S. a degree thatallowed Scotland yard to use her services. I guess it would be hard for any policeman to be taken seriously if he said he was consulting with a clairvoyant on his case and so Carrie went to all the trouble of getting a degree, nothing was too much trouble for her.

Carrie Ann was always immaculately dressed and she had movie star like, golden blond hair that was usually piled high in a profusion of curles. She shone, always standing out from the crowd despite her tiny height but what made her shine most was the wonderful advice and support she gave others. In a world where so many try to hide their light and talents, she gave her all no matter the personal cost.

The last years of her life saw her battling cancer, not that many knew because no matter how bad she felt she said “Oh well, the Lord will support me”, put on her bling and off she went to conduct her service.

Carrie Ann had style, class and wisdom. She always thought of others and she brought love (PINK) to all she met. This picture is perfect, an owl the symbol of wise femine energy, and wearing it’s finest feathers.

Picture is from 2012 diary published by Pomegranate Communications. Inc which features Cape Dorset Inuit Art. They have other paper gifts for more

Trusting and Giving

Trusting and Giving

Lord, help me to be like the wildflowers,
Trusting You for everything,
Bringing warmth, colour and Your love to all in need,
Without expecting the praise.
A poem by Lyn Lockrey

Seeing this beautiful, tiny bird feeding quietly at our back door, I couldn’t help but wonder why I waste precious time in worrying about getting my needs met, instead of simply getting on with my life and doing the things that are more important. Birds don’t complain about the weather, they don’t worry about their next feed or what others are thinking, they just trust. I took this photo to remind me (how easy I forget) to trust and to stay in the moment. Then as so often happens I found this prayer by Lyn Lockrey in a book of poems on my bedside table. This picture came to mind as I contemplated Lyns’ words, reminding me once again to focus on sharing the joy of life. In sharing it is my hope that they will help you to enjoy the priceless, special little moments of your life and remember to share their warmth with those around you.

Reflections. The Discipline Of Dejection


“But we had hoped…and what is more, it is the third day…” LUKE. 24:21.

In Luke 24 we meet two of Jesus’ apostles on the road to Emmaus talking dejectedly about how their hopes and expectations had not been met. That same day the women had told the apostles of their strange experience of finding the tomb of Jesus empty, of them being told that Jesus was alive and to remember what Jesus had told them about what would happen to him at Galilee they dismissed this as nonsense. They “knew” what had happened. Jesus was dead and all their hopes and dreams were shattered.
As they walked Jesus joined them asking what they were debating but they didn’t “see him”. They didn’t recognize him. Why? Like all of us they were caught up in their own reality and Jesus being there just didn’t fit in. They were living their own illusion.
Dejection springs from one of two sources- I have either satisfied a lust or I have not. Lust means – I must have it and at once. When we lust for anything our focus narrows to what we want and we perceive little outside of our goal. If we succeed in attaining what we want and find, as we invariably do, that it doesn’t really satisfy us, we search for something else to lust for and so the wheel of suffering continues.
If we don’t get what we desire we demand an answer from God. We insist that God answers our prayer by granting our hearts’ desire, if he doesn’t we get dejected and blame God for our troubles. If we don’t believe in God or prayer we find someone else to blame as we wallow in our dejection. Whenever the insistence is on the point that God answers prayer, we are off the track. The meaning of prayer is that we get hold of God, we lay our burdens, hopes whatever at his feet and leave them their. WE then move on, not seeking signs or visions from heaven but focusing on the commonplace and the people around us. This is where we will find God and his most amazing revelations. We will move out of our dejection if we do the duty that lies nearest and change our focus from our desires to living fully in each precious moment. Prayer or meditation brings a closeness of God (or the divine spirit for those who are put off by the name God) that heightens our awareness of the beauty surrounding us. Our view broadens, allowing us the ability to see that the sun is still shinning, that we had merely put a cloud of dejection between it and us shutting out its light and warmth. If the apostles couldn’t see a newly risen, radiant Jesus, I wonder what I am missing seeing today. Enjoy what is don’t miss it!