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These beautiful words are just some of the many comforting, enlightening and uplifting to be found on this beautiful site. I seldom recommend other sites but this one is special and well worth a visit. Namaste Brita.

Dennis Cardiff




wings to fly
arms to hold you
tightly to my chest
never farther than a wish
much closer than our dream.
Call, and I’ll come rushing
to your side

a heart
of compassion
to comfort and console you
when you’re feeling broken
or, when you’re filled with joy
in darkness and when light
shines brightly from above
for now and forever
you’ll always have
my love


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A Blessing To Hold Tight Forever!


Each day brings new beauty into our lives, sometimes in ways so subtle that we fail to catch it. I have just had the privilege of sharing with a beautiful lady who after many years of marriage was waiting for her husband to pass into the spirit world. She was sharing with me how lucky she was to have such a loving husband and told me that her son had said” I have never seen or experienced anywhere else the tremendous love you two have.” She said his comment embarrassed her a little, as his wife was there, so she pointed out to them that this was because they were too young. “Love grows,” she said ” With time and with greater knowledge of each other, working on respect and increasing wisdom you learn love is deeper than you ever dreamed. It grows to encompass friendship, contentment, true joy and the memories of shared experiences both good and not so good. After many years it is the friendship and knowing you are always there for each other that really matters.” Such wisdom! What a wonderful gift she had given. I do so hope he was able to grasp it tightly with both hands and never let it go. It was a great reminder for me that until ego fades and allows us to find joy in another’s joy we can never hope to experience love deeply. It is in giving we receive. Namaste.

  (I would appreciate if someone can let me know who produced this beautiful poster so I can acknowledge them)