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Prayers Answered!






My last post said I was back off to Bentley not far from our home in the beautiful hills of the  Northern Rivers of NSW Australia to camp and face the full force of police. I asked for light for protection and prayers for a peaceful resolution…WELL WE HAVE HAD OUR PRAYERS ANSWERED!  All Metgasco licences have  been cancelled, just now and ICAC (The Independent Commission Against Corruption) is going to investigate the company and some of it’s shareholders.

We are so relieved and HAPPY. Non violent direct action has triumphed after all. Thank you for your prayers and good wishes to Bill and I.

Namaste Brita.


Prayers Needed Urgently!

This site has been neglected lately because we have been involved in trying to stop gas mining in our beautiful rural environment. Thousands of people from all walks of life have been at Bentley in Northern NSW Australia where a company is about to use fracking to get gas from tight sands. They plan to put in between 700 to 1000 wells and as the farms here are all small acreage dairy, beef and food production it will destroy not only our beautiful environment and pollute our air and water but also destroy the livelihoods of our farmers and our future. The government is sending in hundreds of police (including the riot squad and police from all over our state) to this peaceful protest to break it up. Please pray that this won’t happen and that the politicians will meet this time with the people who have gone to Sydney to try to see them. Until now they have refused to meet with or discuss our concerns. This police operation is estimated to be costing $8 million but we are told they cannot afford to provide our local community with a police station 24/7. We wait for police to come from Lismore 35 kilometres and at least half an hour away when crime occurs out of hours. Something is very wrong. There is an independent investigation into corruption being held in our state at the moment (ICAC) and the names being mentioned include some of those who ministers who were influential in the granting of the licences. Surround us in white the white light of protection and send your prayers for a peaceful resolution to this problem. If you would like to learn more about what is happening you can google Lock the Gate Alliance and look for Bentley or look for the Bentley Protest Northern Rivers.

Namaste Brita. (Hope this is soon resolved so I can continue this blogs spiritual journey.)

Here is a photo from home only a short distance from the site to be a gas field it is too precious to be destroyed forever for a gas field that will only last for 20 years and add greatly to global warming. Our earth needs our protection.



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