hi, my name is Brita Budden. Since early childhood I have been aware of my gift to channel spirit.

Since early childhood I have been aware of my gift to channel spirit. My first remembered encounter with spirit was shortly before I started school. My grandmother was raising me, she had no one to mind me, so she took me everywhere with her. At the local church the ladies met once a week. They sat in a circle, sang hymns badly (no music), prayed (a lot) and finished off with a cup of tea, biscuit and a good chat. I enjoyed the biscuit part, the rest of the time I had to sit very still and be very quiet. Children in the early 1950’s were seen and not heard. It was at one such meeting my spirit lady appeared. Short with white curly hair and gold rimmed glasses she just appeared mid hymn behind the lady sitting opposite me. She told me that she was the mother of the lady she was standing behind and asked me to tell her that her daughter would be alright and not to worry. Her lips didn’t move but in my head I kept hearing “Tell her!’ I kept thinking “I can’t, I’m not allowed to talk!” Then the final prayer started and she held out her hand, on it was a gold leaf broach that had three pearls down the centre. “Tell her she has my broach.” She disappeared. My grandmother moved away to the table to get her cuppa and there beside me was the lady I had the message for. Quietly I said “Excuse me but your mother, the lady with the white curly hair and glasses was here. She said you have her gold leaf broach with the pearls and to tell you your daughter is going to be alright, not to worry.” She looked at me stunned and then shrieked “The child saw my mother!” I felt my wrist grabbed, my feet left the floor and we were out the door. I expected big trouble at home but instead I was simply told that what ever I saw in future I was to say nothing. After that we started attending the Spiritualist Church as well as our local church. Years later, I learnt my grandmother had been attending spiritualist churches since my mother was a child. So my journey had begun, memorably!

Over the years I have had many wonderful spiritual teachers in both main steam churches and the spiritualist church. I am truly blessed.

My greatest blessing though was my grandmother. A wise woman, she guided me and taught me early on the difference between Christianity and what she called “churchianity.” “Sunday Christians” as she explained followed the rules of the church not Jesus himself. The church had many true Christians, none perfect because they were human but also had many people who went to be seen to be good or for the social activity rather than to let God know they loved him.

For much of my childhood and teenage years we attended the “Church in a theatre” a Methodist Church service held in the Lyceum Theatre on Sundays. Later when the Lyceum Theatre burnt down it was held in the beautiful State Theatre in Market Street in Sydney’s CBD.  Alan Walker (later Sir Alan Walker) was the minister. A powerful preacher, in the style of Billy Graham, he started Lifeline, a suicide prevention telephone service. I was there on the Sunday night when he told of coming home (they lived at Roseville, a considerable way from the city) to find a message from a young man considering suicide. On ringing he found it was too late, the man was dead. There and then he decided someone should always be there to support those in their hour of need. No one should be alone at such times. I wanted to be part of the team but was still too young, but my dream was realized when I became a voluntary telephone counselor for Lifeline after I retired. I learnt so much from this amazing man over the years not just about God but also about how to live a Christian life. He was my role model. The church ran and supported 14 homes and hostels and service to others was very important, as was respect. It was always made clear that you couldn’t earn your way to heaven by good works but you did them because that is what Jesus did. You made your commitment to Jesus and became a Christian out of love not fear. To acknowledge your acceptance of him into your life you walked down the aisle during the closing hymn. You publically acknowledged that Jesus was your Lord and that you wanted to walk with him through life. I took that walk and pledge at 13. Christ had been my Lord for many years but it took time to get up the courage to make that long walk and publically show my feelings. My love for Jesus is as strong today, if not stronger than on that night. I try very hard to live the life he set the example for and of course I fail time and time again, but I know it is the trying that counts. I remind myself that the word sin comes from the ancient archery term sinecure which is what was shouted out when the arrow missed its target. I miss the target often, then I have another go and try to get closer to the bulls eye.

In recent years I have broadened my journeys path to embrace the teachings of Buddhism.

A couple of years ago I was able to go with my husband to Melbourne to hear His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings. One of the first things the Dalai Lama said was that he was a little concerned to see so many non Tibetan people in monk’s robes sitting there. He said if it is your path fine, but if he had been born in say England he would probably be praying to that nice lady in the blue robes, because it is important to have a deep faith to sustain you in life. It is important not to just jump from religion to religion. You need deep roots in your belief. He said “Here in Australia you have many droughts. Ask any farmer and he will tell you it is better to have one deep well than a lot of shallow wells that will all run dry at the same time when things are tough.” He went on to say that a path is good if it leads in the right direction and that because there are so many different types of people, each with his or her own needs, one path could not suit everybody. A variety of ways was needed.

So it is that I stay on my Christian path while at the same time I am gaining so much insight and spiritual knowledge from Buddhism.

I have been greatly blessed at this end stage of my journey, with a life changing teacher, Lama Tendar. A humble Tibetan monk, he owns nothing but the simple robes he wears. Since arriving in Australia he has lived in a Catholic presbytery in Melbourne, sharing with the priest in the day to day tasks of life such as cooking, while each learns more of the others path. Lama Tendar has a wealth of hard earned knowledge. He works tirelessly teaching, healing and supporting others on their journey. Any money earned goes to a small school he has built in Tibet. (see link) An amazingly humble man, with an incredible life story, he has generously shared a little of his knowledge with me and in doing so provided me with so many wonderful opportunities to learn about how I can make the most of my journey and not waste this precious life.

I have learnt from Buddhism so much about death, dying and life after death. These teachings help me daily, especially in my voluntary work in the palliative care unit at a local hospital. So many people at the end of this lifetime’s journey are afraid. There is no need to be afraid of dying. It is just part of everyone’s journey, much like being born. Being born is never easy, there you are snug and warm, all your needs met with no effort on your part when suddenly you are squeezed and pushed unwillingly into the unknown. Waiting are those who love us, just like when we pass into the next life.

My journey continues, I pray, meditate, worship, study and sit at the feet of those willing to share their hard won knowledge with me. We journey through this earthly life on the path that best suits our needs but really there is only one path with a common goal.

Through this site it is my hope that in sharing some of the insights and knowledge I have gained over the last sixty odd years of my journey, a little more light may be shed on the path of others, making their road easier to travel.


Do not be afraid, enjoy the journey!

If you have further questions or wish to make an appointment, please email me from this link. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Your blog oozes serenity and warmth and is overflowing with light, keep on doing what you’re doing because your journey adds value to your soul, those who visit your blog and of course to this planet, sincere regards, Barry

  2. Brita, Hi I wanted to invite you to my new blog space. I am taking a break from writing Laurie notes but am continuing to share on my new blog.. a little more privately. I wanted to invite you to stop by but there was a problem with the email. If you would like to visit me there, just send me a note to lauriesnotes at yahoo
    Have a gentle day. Love, Laurie

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