Do Pets Go To Heaven?









Will I see my pet’s spirit after they pass on?

This is a question that is often asked, especially when a much loved pet dies.

I am one of many who answer “YES, you will!.”

Many years ago, while trying to work out how it was that I could see spirit and if it was alright to do so, I attended a spiritualist church in Sydney where the medium giving the readings saw spirit so clearly and accurately that everyone was amazed!

She came to one person after another in the group giving her messages from the spirit world and time and time again she would describe a pet that had died years ago.

The lady behind me had a cat. Not just any cat but a cat with a coat that was rough to pat, it had ripples in it she said and it was a ginger colour. Sure enough the lady had that type of cat it was some special pedigreed breed I had never heard of but she had one.

There was a variety of dogs recognised by their owners and then she came to ME!

I lived in a unit at the time but I had a cat Mischa that had died shortly after my mum passed.

Great I thought!

No she didn’t see a cat… she saw a budgie! A blue budgie that I had forgotten all about.

How I forgot him I’ll never know for he caused us so much embarrassment in his day.

His cage at night was right next to the phone. Peter, that was his name, talked so much mum was always saying “Shut up Peter!” then one night when she was on the phone to a friend  he came out with “SHUT UP!” (sorry for swearing) He had dropped the” Peter” .well mum nearly died there and then as she tried to explain who was doing the swearing.

Peter never did use his name after that when he swore and we learned a valuable lesson about talking budgies!

She then saw “Mischa”,  a tabby cat with one distinctive feature, (he only had three legs as he had been attacked by a dog)

the medium said “This cat hated being called TRIPOD!”

Only one person ever called him that, a cousin’s husband and I never forgave him either!

I became a believer in pets going on after death to a spirit world that night.

I don’t know if it’s the same place we go but I think it could be and I truly hope it is. I have shared so much love with so many wonderful pets and am looking forward to being reunited with them.

I am even looking forward to seeing Peter again for I’m sure no one swears in heaven…DO THEY?
























An Irish Blessing.




May flowers always line your path

and sunshine light the way.

May songbirds serenade you

every step along the way.

May a rainbow run beside you

in a sky that’s always blue

And may happiness fill your heart

each day your  whole life through!

Just for YOU!

… and yes it is possible to have all these gifts everyday of our lives I have seen many do so even in the face of painful deaths from cancer. All it takes is being able to remain in the moment and be a peaceful, joyful, contented observer of our life and  rest in the knowledge that we are here to grow in love and beauty. This is a great challenge but one many people succeed at through practising meditation or praying.  Trials are opportunities. They come and go, so often providing new or deeper connections with the people who support us at  these times. No moment lasts and the sum of them all define us as the unique, beautiful soul that we are. We write our life’s story not just by how we act but by how we react. The energy we give out not only touches those around us but also the greater energy of this world. By sending out loving kindness to all and most importantly by including ourselves, we are creating a new more beautiful world.

Namaste. Enjoy you journey and many blessings. Brita

Clean and Clear!

hands of light


Everyday encounters leave invisible traces on our energy, like smudges on a glass, they are faint but there and can influence our clarity. People and places either add to or take from our energy and an awareness of this helps to ensure one regularly cleanses their energy field and protects it. We have all met people who drain us causing us to feel exhausted after an encounter but it is those who have developed psychic abilities and misuse them for their own ends that we need to really take care with. When you feel unexplained changes on your energy it really pays to thoroughly cleanse yourself and your environment. Seemingly uneventful meetings can have consequences that are totally unforseen. Regularly cleansing and renewing of personal protection keeps you not only clear but sparkling!


A Prayer For You from Lama Tendar.






” May you have happiness and inner peace.

May the universe be free from suffering, disease and negative influences

and you be filled with joy and peace.


May you complete the perfection of effort by striving

for the enlightenment of all sentient beings

with unwavering compassion.”


Venerable Lobsang Tendar

Always smiling, Lama Tendar has lived a life few could believe. Born in into a large poor rural family in Tibet( where he didn’t even have shoes), leaving them to study and become a monk while still a child, imprisoned by the Chinese, nearly dying, fleeing to India, now living in Australia, sharing the home of a wonderfully enlightened Catholic priest and setting up The Tibetan Children’s Fund. (see widget to find out more).to educate poor children in Tibet, and recently opening The Medicine Buddha Tantrayana  Meditation Center in Victoria, Australia. Lama Tendar has already seen more of life than most of us will ever experience. Yet he remains full of hope, love for all and above all compassion.

His faith and practice not only sustain him daily, in the past they have saved his life.

A beautiful, man, totally without pretension of any kind or any of the trappings of wealth and success, his love, compassion and wisdom inspire all fortunate enough to cross his path.

(see “Freedom To Love” by Hong Curley to read her journey to enlightenment and how he has inspired her and her family. ISBN 978-1-62776-804-7)

I would recommend everyone google Lama Tendar or use the link widget to Tibetan Children’s Fund to find out more about this amazing man.

He has changed my life and that of my husband over the years we have known him.




Helping A Spirit Presence Move On To The Light.

Not all spirit presences are the result of tragic circumstances, some have such a strong attachment to a place or a person that they choose to stay around. This is unusual and is not in their best interest as they have much to learn on the other side before their journey can continue. The spirits that remain due to some tragic circumstance likewise sometimes need help. If you feel you have crossed paths with such a spirit and know fully about psychic protection then you can be of help to them If you are attempting to contact any spirit, I stress again make sure you are experienced  in protecting yourself, if not seek out someone who is such as a priest or if Buddhist a monk who can carry out special practices that have been passed down through the ages.  I would recommend staying away from difficult spirits, there are others, on the other side, who will help them when they are ready to accept help. If however the presence is friendly and of someone you know and had  GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH then you my be able to assist with their journey. In such a case simply saying “Go in peace, light and with blessings to the world of light, your earthly life is done now.  You have you have friends and relatives waiting for you. Go in peace and love to the light..” may be sufficient. Repeat this blessing each time you feel the presence

. If after a period of time you still can feel or see the spirit you may seek support and try a more direct approach. To do this get help. Make sure you have a small bottle of holy water(Blessed water) or mineral water to which three pinches of salt have been added and over which you have prayed for the protection of the deity you worship, your guardian angel and the power of the light to enfold and protect you. Also have a small container/packet of sea salt on hand. As a Christian I always wear a small cross and this gives me added protection in all my dealings with spirit. These and your other psychic practises may be important if you sense a change or any resistance on the part of the spirit to disconnect from you. BEFORE YOU BEGIN Light a candle and  say a prayer asking your God or the power of the light to enfold you in protection. Visualize a  brilliant white light and use it to draw a fully sealed circle of light around you. I also place myself within a bubble of white light. I ask for the blessings of the four archangels and position them at the four of the room. Only then do I attempt contact. It is good to remember not all spirit is as it initially presents itself so taking care even when you “think” you are safe is always a good idea and much less hassle than the consequences should you ever be proven wrong in your judgement. Always approach spirit in a friendly manner, it is actually important to do this as YOU HAVE  NO PWER OVER SPIRIT! Stop at least an arms length away from where you feel or see the presence so that you do not intrude in its space. Smile and greet the spirit in your head or softly but firmly out loud. The presence may turn and move away. NEVER FOLLOW. Usually they stay and you will feel the connection. They may then share with you something of their life or even their reason for being here. Usually though just being acknowledged is enough to bring them peace. Listen to their message and when the encounter fades say “GO IN PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO YOUR WORLD AS I GO BACK TO MINE.” You may experience a chill as they leave, like a cold draft from an opened door. Blow out the candle, thank your protectors and leave the room/space. As you leave splash a little water over your hair (from the special bottle of water you carry), then place some in the palm of your left hand and dip your finger in it, apply it to your brow (third eye ) saying “THE CONNECTION BETWEEN US IS CUT WITH BLESSING.”  Do not take anything from the room with you. The presence usually has no interest in following you but just to be extra careful turn as you leave and sprinkle a little of the water behind you from the small container you carry and drop some salt behind you, saying ” RETURN TO YOUR WORLD AS I RETURN TO MINE! THE CONNECTION IS BROKEN!” If you feel the presence is gone when you next enter the space light white sage and smudge the entire area. If you still feel the presence and it bothers you seek help from a monk or priest who is specially trained. Note that not all priests have this training but they can put you in touch with those who do. Their special training also enables them to know just what they are working with and what procedures they need to follow, If you are Buddhist you will no doubt know of the prayers and practises for helping the dead and dying and keeping these up for the 49 days after a persons passing is the greatest thing you can do to benefit them. A special ceremony purifying the karma of the deceased is also taught. In the Catholic church special masses can be said and it is good to remember that no prayer is ever wasted. It benefits both those being prayed for and those offering the prayer. Life after death is not something to fear it is simply the next stage of our journey. I have witnessed more than one person die with a real look of rapture on their face and great joy in their heart. Such a passing is a special gift to those left behind. Speaking of gifts, one the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to have a strong loving focus on where we want the journey of death to take us.  Being confident of where we are going and that we have prepared for our journey is the greatest gift of all. Blessings on your journey we all share the path, may you support others on theirs and be supported on yours.


P1070490 (2)

Venerable Lobsang Tendar with some students (I am in the white top) at a retreat last year.

I am looking forward to August when at another retreat I will learn more.

Tibetans use an ancient form of medicine called “The Knowledge of Healing” whose origins are believed to be based on the teachings of the historical Buddha.

In the Tibetan medical tradition, the concept of well-being takes into account the full dynamics of mind, body and spirit to achieve effective and comprehensive healing. It utilizes the power of mantra (a creative repetitive sound) and the power of meditative stabilization.

In Tibetan Buddhist healing the notion of the law of  karma implies infinite interlinked causes for any single event.

Three emotions known as the “Three Interior Poisons” are considered to be the root of all illness.

The first poison is desire or passion, which manifests as grasping at objects or pleasant experiences.

The second poison is hatred which manifests as  pushing away of unpleasant experiences or objects.

Finally, ignorance or confusion, the third poison involves misunderstanding the nature of an object or a particular experience.

It is vital for anyone involved in healing to develop compassion for without compassion for self and others no true healing can take place.

If you are interested in learning more about Tibetan Healing or studying it contact Venerable Lobsang Tendar (There is a link on this site just click on the smiling Buddhist Monk widget) or google Tendar. He is an amazing, humble monk whose life is dedicated to healing. He now lives in Melbourne, Australia but if you live anywhere else in the world I am sure he can advise you on avenues of further study.

If you are motivated to study, learn and change I encourage you to do it.

We all say ” Tomorrow I’ll do that”  but tomorrow never comes, so I say,” the perfect time to start something never comes so best do it now!”

Remember  Michael Jackson said in “Man in the Mirror”

“If you want to make the world a better place,

take a look at yourself and make the change.”

Such wise words but like most of us I suspect he was going to do it tomorrow.

Make the change today, become a healer, you don’t have to be Tibetan to develop compassion. Mind you they have an awful lot to teach most of us. The teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tendar have been a great light to me personally and I am deeply thankful for their sharing of their knowledge and life’s journey. People like them change everyone they come in contact with and in doing so they certainly are changing the world.

Blessings on your journey.

Travellers Pray.

Lord grant me a steady hand, a watchful eye,

that none may suffer harm as I pass by.

You give life, I pray no act of mine

will take away nor mar in any way this gift you give.

Show me how to use this gift to benefit all others and

 not to miss through lack of wit or love of speed the beauty that surrounds .

Protect those who drive with me.

Be with me Lord as I travel along so I may go in Your peace and harmony.

I say this prayer every time I get in my car before I drive off. Yesterday it alerted my guardian angel that once again she was on traffic duty and that I was driving.  Today I am extremely grateful.

My husband and I had gone to the Gold Coast to do some special gift shopping as there are no big department stores  near where we live. On the way home we were on the freeway doing 11o kilometres per hour (the speed limit) when a small blue car flew past us. It was dodging in and out, at one point cutting across all three lanes and it had to be doing 130kph. I had no sooner said to my husband “They’re crazy, an accident waiting to happen!” than they clipped a car and spun out of control. Seven cars were damaged through their thoughtless driving. We would have been involved had we not got out the lift on the wrong level of the car park at the shopping centre and had to walk up a level. Coincidence you may think but there have been two other coincidences in the last three weeks, Guardian Angel working overtime I say! I also add a thank you prayer because while I have no fear of death the thought of being disabled and a burden on my husband is one I don’t like at all, even though he assures me that I would never be a burden and I really do no that no matter what nothing can shake our love for each other. Just another blessing to be thankful for. So many blessings! I am reminded once again of the old hymn  that goes:- Count your blessings, name them one by one……….. count your many blessings and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

The greatest blessing of all was that no one was killed. Hopefully the young girl driving is counting her blessings and learnt a lesson about the danger of reckless driving.

Soft Autumn Light.


               Bathed in the warmth of life’s renewing golden sunlight people laze, stroll… just sit

               At peace, lost beyond care.

               They gaze as one, awed by natures beauty laid bare before them

               While Autumn’s soft edged rays illuminate life’s simple joys

                Thawing stony hearts, allowing spirits to soar once more.

What a wonderful time of year it is. Autumn in the Northern Rivers Region is perfect!  Still warm enough to swim yet cool enough walk for hours along the beach without boiling. The sea is amazing, one day calm, the next crashing destructively onto the sand and carrying it away to be returned at a time seemingly of its choosing. I never stop marvelling at it. So immense and unfathomable.

 Awesome! Just like it’s creator.


Enjoy the journey!

Meditation-Clearing the Clutter


Sometimes life seems overwhelming, something we have done a million times easily suddenly seems too hard. Stress engulfs us and our focus narrows so all we can focus on are the negatives. At such times many people pray for guidance, which if it works for you is great, I meditate. PRAYING is TALKING to God or the higher connection you have and at such stress filled times can be more a case of talking AT that higher power.  On the other hand MEDITATION is LISTENING.

If my mind is racing I will focus on an object, it can be a tree, a flower, a picture, crystal or in my case, if possible, a candle. I then just sit, any thoughts that come into my mind I label “thinking” and go back to giving my full attention to what I am focusing on. This simple technique takes a little practise but is really effective once mastered. It stops all the noise ,gets rid of the clutter and allows space for a wider perspective to come in. My candle always brings me peace and a soft loving connection to those in spirit who support me.

I hope you have a way of dealing with such hectic times, if not find something connected to your heart and try this one. You can use it anywhere, at work,on a bus or train, but obviously not while driving, all you need is that picture of your special something in your head and your set to go. I hope you are having a stress free time at present and won’t need to use this for a very long time. Blessings to you.

This is a picture of the ” Mouse House” candle, given to us by our dear friend Dorothy. Just looking at it, even without lighting the candle, I go instantly to a  loving place of peace.

A Birthday Candle for Dorothy


Today the 11th of March is the birthday of a very special lady, one who brought love and light to all who crossed her path. Dorothy was loved by everyone. She played piano everywhere and anywhere and she played not only beautifully but joyfully. Her joy came from her faith, a faith she lived every day through always being positive, never being critical, sharing everything she had and befriending all. I can never recall her saying a bad word about anyone or ever complaining, even in the toughest times. Dorothy would light a candle and say a prayer for everyone. She used different coloured candles for different people and different things. Once she rang me at 2am( she always knew when something was wrong and you  needed a friend)  I was extremely low, she didn’t ask what was wrong, she simply said” I had to ring somethings the matter, I just wanted to tell you I have this lovely pale pink candle and I am lighting it and saying a prayer for Jesus to be close in your heart.” I was at the lowest point in my life that night. I had been crying and still was when I answered the phone. I had prayed to Jesus and from hundreds of miles away Dorothy knew and was on the phone being his light worker in this world. Dorothy never claimed to be psychic, she never said anything about herself but eveyrone knew her exceptional ability to just make things happen. Once she wanted to go to Rio to see the statue of Christ. “I know I’ll get there ” she said “I prayed about it and lit a candle and I have a feeling God will make it happen”. Dorothy was on a train going to Sydney shortly after and chatted to the lady next to her, as she always did. That lady turned out to be the mother of a young ballet producer who she had years before played piano for at his dance school. He had been trying to contact her but had moved to New Zealand and lost her address. His mum gave him Dorothy’s address and he contacted her. He was off to ,you guessed it, South America to do a ballet and took Dorothy to play the piano for his rehearsals. Things like that were always happening to Dorothy, she was as I said a very special lady. Near the end of her life she was badly burnt, she was putting out her candles when her dressing gown caught alight but this, despite months in hospital, never dampened her love of candles and she never stopped praying right up until the end. The day before she died she was praying for the man in the next hospital room who was “having a bad time of it”. She was still as positive as ever, saying how wonderful the nurses were and how lucky she was that there was a balcony that they could wheel her out onto to see the beautiful trees. The last gift Dorothy gave us was a candle, in a special holder. The holder was a little teapot house with a husband mouse and his wife standing out in the front garden. She said it reminded her of my husband Bill and I. We prayed tonight, a prayer of special thanks for having Dorothy as our special gift from God. Dorothy  brought the love of Jesus into our lives and the lives of countless others, she shone more brightly in this world than all the beautiful candles she lit. We prayed by the light of the mouse house candle that Dorothy gave us. The name Dorothy means “God’s gift” She certainly was!