Margaret’s Prayer

il_fullxfull.287108884     The quick powerful action of the Holy Spirit is filling me with Divine Energy.

Divine Energy renew my vitality and vigor.

Rekindle in me Thy shining enthusiasm for all the beauties and wonders of the world.

   Give me strength, stamina and power to accomplish

all that needs to be accomplished by me to achieve wondrous abundant living.

Heavenly Father I thank you for the Divine Energy with which you are replenishing my body and soul.

I thank you for healing, for renewal, for strength, stamina and your support of my every moment of the day and night.

I thank you for my perfect health, renewed youth and constant abundant supply and joy.

I thank you for giving me the benefit of the expertise, kindness, compassion of the understanding angelic staff who are caring for me.

Thank you for blessing me with caring friends and family.


               A prayer written by Margaret for

               Margaret and others like her.

                 Written on the  29th March 2011.

(Picture “Angel Prayer” is from original painting by Sue Halstenberg.)

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One thought on “Margaret’s Prayer

  1. Such a beautiful prayer! Full of love and peace and wonderfulness. In fact this entire site is just so calming and inspiring! I love it so much! 🙂 Thank you for creating such beauty for me to admire! 🙂

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