Psychic Reading


There are Tarot readings and Psychic readings I see these as different and will try to explain how these readings are different.

A Tarot reading can be an inspiring, enlightening and empowering journey as the cards tell your personal story through imagery, signs, symbols and colour.    Tarot cards offer a visual door into your inner world, bringing light to your highest potential and revealing any challenges ahead. They reflect your deeper awareness back to your conscious mind. The reading can affirm, illuminate and give a bigger picture for you to explore. It can offer guidance, but you always need to carefully explore and question for yourself its message. This is because only you have the right to make choices in your life and ultimately we are all responsible for our own choices. Any life issue or sincere question can be illuminated with the assistance of the cards, which simply reveal the hidden knowledge of your unconscious to the intuition of the reader. The reader will have studied the meanings given to the cards and base your reading on this knowledge. There can be a vast difference in the knowledge levels of different readers and it is not always the most expensive reading that is the best. Some tarot readers go beyond the card meanings using other tools such as numerology, astrology or tap into various other intuitive based skills.

It is possible to read for yourself, the difficulty in doing so is in remaining detached and interpreting the cards and message clearly. Even very experienced readers go to others when seeking to clarify what is unfolding.

If you wish to use tarot cards and read for yourself there are many different decks available. These range from the traditional Arthur Edward Waite, to modern decks focusing on angels or any number of other artist designs developed to speak to your inner self. They all come with instructions, so pick the deck that “speaks to you,” that is the deck you are drawn to. A word of warning I would give here is to always ask for protection from your guardian angel and place a bubble of white light around yourself and your space before beginning. Even if you are not attempting to contact spirit, they are sometimes attracted to the light you give off like moths to a flame.

Do not attempt to reach out to spirit while doing your reading, seek to know yourself. If you want to explore the spirit world in any way first seek an experienced teacher who is well known, has years of experience and a strong personal spiritual base.  Check out your teacher thoroughly! Not doing so can have disastrous, life changing consequences for you. There is much to learn about before ever contacting spirit as not all spirit comes from the light! While contact with troubled spirits is rare it does happen. Be aware that psychic attack can happen to anyone.

Please take care and always protect yourself.

If you don’t know how to protect yourself read some of the good books available on the subject, practice the skills and then always employ them. A good, highly experienced teacher is a wonderful asset.

Remember these skills take time to learn and develop. This isn’t possible in a few hours.

(See notes on PROTECTION under the section on psychic readings but note these are basic and you need greater protective skills if you seek to do more than merely go for a reading.)

A Psychic reading differs in that the reader is a medium or channel for spirit. The reader after years of developing under a teacher’s guidance and protection gradually opens up to their own spirit guides. Spirit is then able to use the medium as a channel to guide the seeker towards the path of their highest good.  The reader may use cards to help provide a visual support to the person they are reading for but many who are clairaudient (hear spirit) or clairvoyant (see spirit) do not.  Some who have developed their clairsentience may ask you for a personal object to hold. The reader is only as good as the work they have put in developing their connection with their spirit guides and ensuring that they are a channel that is pure and clear. Maintaining a clear channel requires daily prayer/meditation practice, pure intention and ongoing spiritual development. Even though a reader may relay messages from those who have passed over It is not possible to have a reading to “contact a dead loved one” as the reader has no ability to reach a certain spirit. They are just the channel or “wire” that the energy comes through. Wise mediums have learnt to have their spirit guide choose who comes through. I would not recommend any person try to contact spirit themselves. I would strongly recommend against it, as not all spirit comes from the light and the effects of dabbling in the occult without thorough training can be devastating.

An excellent book to read on PROTECTING YOURSELF is “The Way of Psychic Protection” by Judy Hall.  Judy is a medium, the author of 25 books on the subject and has run psychic development classes for over 25 years. A workshop leader for The College of Psychic Studies in London, she has taught all over the world.

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