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A Blessing To Hold Tight Forever!


Each day brings new beauty into our lives, sometimes in ways so subtle that we fail to catch it. I have just had the privilege of sharing with a beautiful lady who after many years of marriage was waiting for her husband to pass into the spirit world. She was sharing with me how lucky she was to have such a loving husband and told me that her son had said” I have never seen or experienced anywhere else the tremendous love you two have.” She said his comment embarrassed her a little, as his wife was there, so she pointed out to them that this was because they were too young. “Love grows,” she said ” With time and with greater knowledge of each other, working on respect and increasing wisdom you learn love is deeper than you ever dreamed. It grows to encompass friendship, contentment, true joy and the memories of shared experiences both good and not so good. After many years it is the friendship and knowing you are always there for each other that really matters.” Such wisdom! What a wonderful gift she had given. I do so hope he was able to grasp it tightly with both hands and never let it go. It was a great reminder for me that until ego fades and allows us to find joy in another’s joy we can never hope to experience love deeply. It is in giving we receive. Namaste.

  (I would appreciate if someone can let me know who produced this beautiful poster so I can acknowledge them)

The Power Of The Powerless.

P1070656 (2)

      Two birds deep in conversation reminded me of something thought provoking I read :-

A young magpie was talking to a corella when snow began to fall.

“What’s a snowflake?” asked the young magpie.

“Nothing” replied the corella.

“What does it weigh?”

“Nothing more than nothing.” came the answer.

Well the young magpie stood there and watched the snowflakes falling on a nearby gum.

He counted the snowflakes.

He counted 4,637,815 snowflakes.

Then the 4,637,816th snowflake settled on the tree

and the branch broke off and crashed to the ground.

“Mmm”, said the young magpie to the corella,

“So that’s what you say is nothing more than nothing.”


                  You can never discount the power of the small and powerless when they come together!

Wise Women Who Stand Out From The Crowd.

P1120645As I was reviewing  my spiritual journey for this blog my mind went to thinking about one of the wisest women I have ever met, a  dear friend who is now one of my most reliable and much loved guides.
Carrie Ann St Clair was an international medium who taught development classes, did spiritual healing, gave lectures, had her own church at Tweed Heads, carried out exorcisms and LOVED ALL THINGS PINK!

It was Carrie who finally gave me the push ( a big one) to become a medium. My first and last public readings took place at her church. Our friendship was born out of the colour pink(the colour of love). She had a large hot pink swirl of it on the side of her car, on my commenting on it one Sunday after church she said “My teacher loved pink and so do I” I said “Your teacher must have been Mrs Begg!” Carrie gasped. I had known Mrs Begg from childhood, she always wore long, floating evening dresses and they were always, you guessed it PINK. Not a wishy washy pink, a vibrant hot pink. When my grandmother and I visited her home in Darlinghurst, Sydney even her kitchen was painted hot pink. A wonderful medium who was not only gifted but also very wise, she had to be. In the early 1950s the Spiritual Church was viewed with even greater suspision than it is today. Policemen in plain clothes often attended in the hope of laying fraud charges and yes there was as now some fakes but they were quickly exposed. Real psychics are easy to recognise from the detail of the messages they give, they go way beyond the banal generalities used by fakes and it is hard to imagine how anyone can be fooled. Both Carrie Ann and Mrs Begg were old style clairvoyants who took to the platform out of a calling to serve their fellow man. Both had churches that upheld the “Seven Principles of Spiritualism”. Neither became rich or famous, although Carrie Ann did work (unpaid) for Scotland Yard, as well as for the police here and in New Zealand, she even went to America and had her psychic skills tested to obtain her M.D.P.P.M.S. a degree thatallowed Scotland yard to use her services. I guess it would be hard for any policeman to be taken seriously if he said he was consulting with a clairvoyant on his case and so Carrie went to all the trouble of getting a degree, nothing was too much trouble for her.

Carrie Ann was always immaculately dressed and she had movie star like, golden blond hair that was usually piled high in a profusion of curles. She shone, always standing out from the crowd despite her tiny height but what made her shine most was the wonderful advice and support she gave others. In a world where so many try to hide their light and talents, she gave her all no matter the personal cost.

The last years of her life saw her battling cancer, not that many knew because no matter how bad she felt she said “Oh well, the Lord will support me”, put on her bling and off she went to conduct her service.

Carrie Ann had style, class and wisdom. She always thought of others and she brought love (PINK) to all she met. This picture is perfect, an owl the symbol of wise femine energy, and wearing it’s finest feathers.

Picture is from 2012 diary published by Pomegranate Communications. Inc which features Cape Dorset Inuit Art. They have other paper gifts for more info.contact www.pomegranate.com.