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Supported We Hang In There!






When times get tough, as they sometimes do, we all need a lifeline, something or someone to help us get through. At present I know a very special lady who is struggling and am sending her lots of prayers and love. Her strength is coming from her family and the many wonderful friends she has made over the years but in the end in the toughest times even more is needed. I have been meeting a lot of people lately who have been doing it tough and it really starts you thinking.

When looking at times when we are alone and no other person can share a path we must walk alone you need a strong inner belief that life is taking you exactly where you are meant to be and that all is unfolding just as it meant to. Then you can settle, find peace and acceptance of the present situation knowing that this too will pass, it is impermanent and as everything does will change.

Often this takes a strong faith!

 “You need a deep well in times of drought!” was how the Dalai Lama put it during his teachings in Melbourne.

This faith doesn’t belong to any culture. He went on to say “If I had been born in Australia I would probably be praying to that nice lady in blue (Meaning Mary the mother of Jesus) His point was that we have different religions because of our birth place, heritage, cultural beliefs and this is not to create barriers between us but to make it easier for us and allow for our differences.

Some find their strength in Christ’s teachings, some in Buddha’s and some in other faiths, the important thing is to find that strength and how to tap into it BEFORE things get tough because then it is easier to hang in and find the inner strength and peace to make the journey easier. 

These tough times often bring amazing blessings! They come to us in many surprising ways but they almost always come to us through the love given out by others. It is a gift we can all give, it costs nothing but a little time to send loving thoughts and in todays tough world we need all the love and compassion that can be given.

If you know someone who is doing it tough and you want to help but don’t know how start by sending them loving thoughts.

If you are doing it tough just open your heart and accept all the love that is being poured out daily by many loving souls who know that everyone has a special unique place in this world and that love unites us all.



We All Need Guidance In This Life.


On our journey through life things can change quickly from smooth sailing on calm seas to tough going on a stormy ocean. We all need guidance and it must be reliable or we can be overwhelmed, unable to cope and end up sinking. Where to get the guidance we need is often a challenge. Many people turn to God in prayer, or to a trusted relative or friend. Others use tarot or some other system that they feel works for them. These methods are all fine but I have found that you only tend to go to the trouble of doing these things when it is “important” which translates as if there is a problem. The little decisions in life are let flow without much thought, until something big  knocks on your consciousness. This approach to living can find you swinging wildly all over the place, without any clear direction, creating havoc without meaning to. It frequently also results in taking a less direct path to your destination, one that takes a lot more effort, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.   By refining your awareness and getting to know yourself better you will become more in tune with your own inner spiritual guidance. This greater awareness of the subtle nudges being given to you in your daily life also makes it much easier to steer a straight course. The funny little feelings that just pop up, the body language of those around you, things you’ve heard repeated more than once in a short time or read and then seen put in a different way, these chance encounters can be used as  guidance, as can insights gained from reflection on inspirational poems, bible readings etc. When taken on board they can cause an awareness shift that allows you to subtly refine your course or approach to things, preventing the need for major changes or corrections. Taking time to meditate is vital. I have said meditate on purpose, because meditation is listening and reflecting, it is waiting to receive. Prayer is talking, it is active, you doing the asking and sometimes even demanding a specific outcome. The possibilities we can envisage are limited by our prior experience and perceived abilities but if through meditation we are in tune with the creative life force of this world the possibilities may be endless and we can be given the necessary skills to achieve them. Our goals may be more readily attainable. If we take the time daily to reflect and meditate, life’s little nudges will steer us just as surely and safely as the small nudges of tiny tug boats steer mighty tankers through narrow straights. Interestingly the pilot when he boards a ship always asks permission of the captain to take over the steering of the ship, if like myself you are a Christian, you may want to hand over the steering of your life.” I have already done that,” you may say, but I wonder if on reflection you may find that you have actually taken back control and grabbed back the wheel, just as we do when we hand our worries and then take them back to worry about them some more. Meditate, know yourself, your boundaries, what pushes your buttons, makes you unique. Find your spiritual oneness within, your course will become clearer and you will avoid getting stuck or running onto the rocks. Enjoy the journey. (This picture was taken on a recent trip to Newcastle, Australia a beautiful city with a working port. You can sit on the foreshore and almost touch the mighty ships as they enter and leave.)


It is all too easy to sit as life drifts by, unaware of your life’s purpose.